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Here's How to Make the Most of Your Business Accelerator Experience

Every step you take must be critical and mandatory. No wasted effort.

Here you’re surrounded by a like-minded community of small business owners providing connection and a sense of “we’re in this together.” Because we are.

With Business Accelerator you’re not simply receiving theories or hints. We’re sharing the real-life systems and strategies we’ve used to make our business (and our almost 6,000 clients) so successful.

The good news? Your business really can be easier, simpler and more profitable. Through connection, community and expert leadership mentoring. Without letting your business take over your life. We’ll show you how.

  • Start at the beginning. Go to the Business Development Tab. Scroll down to the first workshop: The Strategic Planning Workshop. If you have a plan, use this Workshop to review it and​ make sure you have every planning aspect written down. If you don’t have a plan, follow the step-by-step directions in the Workshop. Bring the assignments in the workshop to your coaching sessions for feedback. Feedback will refine your Plan and provide accountability to use and adjust as things change (they will change). This is a hands-on process. Because your Business Plan provides the direction for everything you do.


  • Set your personal Coaching Calendar for the month. Look at the calendar on the left of this page and select the sessions that focus on your current needs. Choose the dates and times that best fit your schedule.  Download and print the calendar so you can circle the times you choose and post it over your desk. Then get yourself to those calls.  Because your Coaching Experts will add details and directions to make your efforts more productive.


Our group coaching format connects you with other business owners who want what you want…successful businesses and connection and community so you’re in this with others who want what you want.  Now you’re never out there on your own. There’s power in the collective. Because who wants to do it all by themselves?

  • Now head back to the Business Development tab and look at the other workshops archived there. Choose what’s right or next for you, listen to the session, complete the associated assignment and bring it to coaching for feedback to fine-tune your strategy, direction and action.  Because this is how you move forward, blow up any doubts or “I don’t know what to do next” worries keeping you from moving forward.


  • Based on Coaching feedback you receive, go to The Toolbox and implement the tools we’ve provided. There’s an easy-to-use Revenue Model for your business (just insert your programs, prices and quantities…it does all the calculations for you). Other options include, ROI Calculators for Facebook and LinkedIn, and a system to hire the best Team. Because why should you have to start these things from scratch when they are done for you!


  • Share Business Accelerator with your team. You’re not the only one who needs the knowledge and systems we provide. As the Leader of your business, make sure everyone on your team has their tools for success, too. Because when you develop your Team, they’re capable of doing work you’ve been doing (and shouldn’t!).


  • Check out the Trusted Resources section. We’ve hand-selected a group of experts who provide support and services to business just like yours. We’ve worked with them, so these aren’t random or idle suggestions. We know they’re the best because we’ve used them to grow our own business. Because why not save yourself tons of time researching experts to join your team when there’s a short-cut for you right here.


  • Stay engaged. Great advancements from coaching develop over time. When you keep coming back, you get fresh ideas, new perspectives and ongoing support. Because this is what you want…an easier, simpler and more profitable business.


Now is the time to for you to prosper. Lead your team to the next level. If not now, when?

Business Accelerator charts your critical and mandatory course with you.

Community. Connection. Expert Leadership Mentoring.  Let’s go!

Go forth and lead great things,

Chris Williams