Sales Systems

Without a sales system, you don’t really have sales…you have random acts of kindness when people hand you money.

In Sales Systems we’ll work with you in a small group setting, or individually, to create a step-by-step sales system that’s not only easy to follow, it works.



Convey who you are, keep it simple yet make it compelling to your Ideal Customer and do it in 30 seconds…or they’re gone.

Branding consists of both the words you use—positioning—and the image you utilize—your logo. Branding develops your core foundation on which all communications will be built. This is “Job One” as it gives your customers the compelling reason they should work with you. The right branding spells out the buying criteria you want to own and enables the prospect to understand “why you”.

Through our Branding services your customer will “get” you, and you’ll be able to convey your incredible value in 30 seconds or less.


Small Business Workshops

One of the biggest issues for solopreneurs and small business owners is…too much solo and small. Instead, build your business with experts by your side providing feedback specifically about your business, yet not break the bank. Live, interactive workshops provide the answer.

Customers Are the Answer to Everything Workshop delivers the premium live, interactive experience for entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and small business people so they can get and keep customers—guaranteed.


Small Business Coaching

Feel like you have to pull a revenue rabbit out of the hat every month? Maybe mired in so much daily drivel it’s keeping you from the really important things that bring in customers and money?

Small Business Coaching enables you to see your business in a more productive way—to make more money while you’re doing fewer unproductive activities and regaining some personal freedom to do all those other things you love. Through personal coaching calls with two—not one—business expert coaches you’ll see your business with fresh eyes and get immediately actionable input.



For family-owned businesses and larger companies business consulting services provide individual focus and solutions for your most critical issues and opportunities. Together we look at the organization “whole” not pieces of your business as answers often rest between the department silos of your business.

Now you can move forward swiftly and confidently to shape your business now—for it’s “now results” that matters most.