wideawakebusiness-branding-imgConvey who you are, keep it simple yet make it compelling to your Ideal Customer and do it in 30 seconds…or they’re gone.

Branding consists of both the words you use—positioning—and the image you utilize—your logo. Branding develops your core foundation on which all communications will be built. This is “Job One” as it gives your customers the compelling reason they should work with you. The right branding spells out the buying criteria you want to own and enables the prospect to understand “why you”.

Create your Brand ‐ Positioning

Through our Positioning services your customer will “get” you, and you’ll be able to convey your incredible value in 30 seconds or less. The Positioning includes:

  • determining who your Ideal Customer is
  • identifying that Customer’s aspiration
  • determining the essential problem that you solve for your Ideal Customer
  • establishing how you solve that problem differently from the competition
  • identifying the benefits customers receive from working with you
  • developing your central market position


Now you’ll have the words that attract prospects and demonstrate your unique value. These words will become the heartbeat—the central focus—of everything you do, say and write. Positioning enables your brand to be heard, seen and understood in a way that attracts your customers and stays true to who you are.

Create your Brand—Logo Design

Golden arches. Green mermaids. Brown trucks.

You may not have the ambitions of McDonald’s, Starbucks or UPS (or maybe you do?) yet you can see the power a great logo brings to a business brand.

Our graphic designers have the design eye to uniquely capture your business positioning and essence in a memorable image. In a world of staggering choice and growing noise, a great logo creates an initial interaction that’s influential to any compelling brand. It strikes viewers, draws them in and enables you to build a response—and it can all begin with a logo.

Implement Your Brand—On-Line Strategy Plan

In this age of Internet everything we obviously want to pay particular attention to your brand on-line strategy. We will bring in our Internet specialists for a deep dive. They will map out a strategy for your website and the key on-line locations you should be using.

Now, with a plan in hand, your website can be created or adjusted for your brand using the intelligence of the on-line strategy. Wide Awake Business has both website designers and social media specialists who turn strategies into customer-attracting actions.

Other implementation elements from Wide Awake Business include:

  • Collateral/brochure content
  • Web Template design and copy
  • Media Kit content and design



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