Sales Systems

wideawakebusiness-sales-systems-imgWithout a sales system, you don’t really have sales…you have random acts of kindness when people hand you money.

In Sales Systems we’ll work with you in a small group setting, or individually, to create a step-by-step sales system that’s not only easy to follow, it works.

In a group setting we’ll develop your sales system with our experts and your business colleagues. Join us and other business owners every Tuesday morning to tackle your biggest sales issues—like your most common sales objections from prospects, how and when to follow up, systems to track your efforts…or simply support to actually pick up the phone. Then once every month participate in our Customer Rally Day–one day dedicated to calling your prospects to set appointments and close sales. Everything you’ll experience can be put into action using the written Wide Awake Business Sales System Workbook.

For larger businesses who prefer individual attention, we’ll develop a Customer Sales System based on your sales goal, sales team talent, resources at your fingertips and timeframes.

Whichever you choose, implementation leads to a sales system that creates stronger customer relationships, gets more customers and grows your business.

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