wideawakebusiness-small-business-coaching-imgFeel like you have to pull a revenue rabbit out of the hat every month? Maybe mired in so much daily drivel it’s keeping you from the really important things that bring in customers and money?

Small Business Coaching enables you to see your business in a more productive way—to make more money while you’re doing fewer unproductive activities and regaining some personal freedom to do all those other things you love. Through personal coaching calls with two—not one—business expert coaches you’ll see your business with fresh eyes and get immediately actionable input. Click Here to schedule your free consultation today! We guarantee that you will walk away with at least one strategy you can implement immediately. What do you have to lose?

Through Small Business Coaching you’ll focus on:

  • Identifying and activating your market positioning throughout your business model
  • Activating your sales skills and talk track, building your focus on revenue-producing activities to   match your revenue targets
  • Identifying action oriented marketing activities, getting feedback and activating the right activities for your business
  • Creating your intentions, goals, strategies and tactics and keeping them as the drivers of your actions and decision-making
  • Creating a workable, yet aggressive, revenue model used weekly to focus activities on delivering revenue goals and expenses
  • Properly sequencing your right marketing and sales activities
  • Timely sequencing your new product creation and team additions
  • Perfecting your sales talking points and sales funnel
  • Celebrating successes and rapidly adjusting from missteps
  • Increasing cash flow, business revenue and customers
  • Creating ease in the flow of business acumen using intuition and customer-driven decision making

In Small Business Coaching Martha Hanlon and/or Chris Williams work with you twice a month for 6 months to create and drive your business strategies and tactics, revenue model, and marketing and sales activities, sequenced to achieve your revenue and business goals, keeping in focus your intentions and desire for your business.

The results of Small Business Coaching speak loudly—clients create successful email campaigns, attract more prospects and customers easily, grow their revenue and put more money into their pockets.


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