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wideawakebusiness-small-business-workshops-imgOne of the biggest issues for solopreneurs and small business owners is they are expected to do so many things that are outside their zone of genius. Delegation is key, but it’s hard to delegate when you don’t have any expertise in the work you are delegating.

Our small business summits are designed to provide foundations in each functional area of your business from planning to revenue management, human relations, marketing, and client attraction. We offer live and virtual Business Summits for both general and specialized audiences such as Care Management and Holistic Nurses.


“Creating my vision of where I want to be in 24 months was eye opening. Making it so clear that there are no questions unanswered has changed my way of thinking. Bringing that even closer to the 12 month period makes it even more real to me. This brings everything into focus for me.”



“I feel more comfortable speaking about my business to others. This is because Martha & Chris helped me develop an understanding of what I offer. The words come to mind easier. I focus on networking rather than sales and what I offer gets worked in naturally.”

BEV NOWAKOWSKIFriend With A Camera


“My friends and colleagues have noticed a big shift in ME and the business.”

ANDREA GEWIRTZ—Girlfriend In Your Closet


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