Small Business Workshops

wideawakebusiness-small-business-workshops-imgOne of the biggest issues for solopreneurs and small business owners is…too much solo and small. Instead, build your business with experts by your side providing feedback specifically about your business, yet not break the bank. Live, interactive small business workshops provide the answer.

Customers Are the Answer to Everything Workshop delivers a first-class, live, interactive experience for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small business people to get and keep customers—guaranteed

The 9-session small business Workshop cuts through all the nonsense people tell you to do (and your customers don’t care about), gets your business execution sequenced properly (so you stop wasting time and money), and hands you the real keys to getting and keeping customers (so you get and keep customers and profits).

Each week you’ll work on the things that matter most to your customers—and your business:

  • What really motivates your Ideal Customer to buy…from you
  • How to create an on-line strategy that works
  • What to say…that matters to your Customer…when someone says “What do you do?”
  • How to create an extraordinary offer that attracts buyers
  • When to call, how often and what do say when they answer
  • What social media channels will work for you
  • How to sequence your efforts for maximum return


“Creating my vision of where I want to be in 24 months was eye opening. Making it so clear that there are no questions unanswered has changed my way of thinking. Bringing that even closer to the 12 month period makes it even more real to me. This brings everything into focus for me.”



“I feel more comfortable speaking about my business to others. This is because Martha & Chris helped me develop an understanding of what I offer. The words come to mind easier. I focus on networking rather than sales and what I offer gets worked in naturally.”

BEV NOWAKOWSKIFriend With A Camera


“My friends and colleagues have noticed a big shift in ME and the business.”

ANDREA GEWIRTZ—Girlfriend In Your Closet


Other Workshops periodically available include: How to Write Email Campaigns, Plan Your Year of Success, and Build a Business Machine


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