Stop Doing “Housework”

Stop Doing “Housework”

November 29, 2023


How close are you to reaching your 2023 goals?

For many of us, once Thanksgiving is over, it’s one mad rush through the holidays. Not much time to make a difference in how the year will end up.

But the year isn’t over. You still have about 30 days left to make one final push.

There’s one little thing that can enable you to reach out to close a few more sales without adding more time to your crazy, filled calendar.

Stop doing housework. Just stop.

I don’t mean stop making your bed (although that’s ok, too).

I’m talking about all the little bits and pieces that you go around sweeping up in the office.

Office “housework” = non-revenue-generating work.

You’re taking on low risk and low reward tasks, and the odds are good you’re about to do it again. Like even today.

We know saying “no” can be difficult.

Yet here’s one thing that’s not hard:  not offering in the first place.

How much office housework rests on your “To Do List?” Time to let go of something.

Identify just one thing. If you’re especially ambitious (you know who you are), identify three things.

Then take that time you get back and allocate it to reaching out to that prospect who’s “this close” to saying yes.

You’ll be spending the same amount of time in your business. With some junk off your plate replaced by revenue-producing work.

You’re so close. One little change can give you the one big push you need to reach or exceed your 2023 goals.

You can do it!


Chris Williams