Show Me the Money 10-Day Challenge Starts Aug. 5


Time for You to Create an Easier, Simpler, More Profitable Business!


Build on one simple principle: Your CUSTOMER belongs in the center of everything you do. Everything.


 AUGUST 5 -14 // 10 AM EASTERN

CUSTOMERTOPIA: Show Me the Money 10-Day Challenge 

Here's What You'll Get In the 10-Day Challenge because You're Working & Coaching LIVE with Business Masters 

  • Align your mindset to get where you want to be
  • Develop a deep profile of your very best Ideal Customer
  • Identify what they WANT, what drives them to buy
  • Adjust your first offer as required to get more YES answers
  • Create a model that clearly SHOWS YOU THE MONEY available in your business
  • Develop a Customer-focused sales script...more talk about them & less about you
  • Test your new Customer-centered business model with feedback from Business Masters
  • Launch it! 
  • Profit from it!!

Why Join the Challenge Today?

If this page is open, it means the free challenge is still open for participation, but it will be closing down soon

If you're wondering, "Can't I just take the challenge the next time it opens up?" 

MAYBE: We're not sure if, or when, the next challenge will be. 

More importantly, ask yourself this...what's in it for you to delay? To not take the steps to advance your business now. Before you say "nothing's in it for me," take another look. Of course, there's something in it for you. Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing it. You want more from your business...and more for you.  

Why push back your opportunity to get what you really want?

There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago...but the second-best time is NOW." 

NOW is the best time for you to take the "Show Me the Money" Challenge.


What Other Clients Have Said

"Now I can pinpoint my client, and my client knows where to find me."  

José Pieterson

"My 'AHA' moment today was realising that I could actually increase my sales quite significantly."

Kevin Treweek

"I'm looking forward to having more sales conversations, something that I never thought I would enjoy doing."

Loubna Zarrou

Can You Answer "Yes" to Any of These Questions?

  • Has your growth slowed or stalled completely?
  • Are you stumped about why more people don't say "YES" to work with you when you know your products and services rock?
  • Do you avoid picking up the phone because you're not good at sales or don't know what to say?
  • When you look in the mirror, do you wish that person owned business that was easier, simpler and more profitable? 


Connect with More Customers Easily, Simply and More Profitability in the FREE 10-Day 'Show Me the Money' Challenge!

  • 10 days created for growth-minded small business owners who truly are ready to build their business to new heights...and want their business to be easier, simpler and more profitable, too!

  • Don’t Miss Out on the Challenge Ends August 14th Save your spot now! Get 10 Days of Live Training, Feedback and Support from International Best-Selling Authors, Speakers & Business Coaches Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams.

About Your Presenters

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams have worked with 5,324 businesses... increasing revenue, on average, by $119,083... improving processes and systems, developing team strengths, and coaching CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs.  

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams, Wide Awake Business Founders

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams Authors of Amazon's International Best-Seller, Customertopia


HOW MUCH TIME COMMITMENT IS NEEDED? Around 20 - 30 minutes a day to attend LIVE or listen to the daily recording. Sometimes less, sometimes more. And some time to do the daily challenge exercise we'll give you. This is a challenge. It's supposed to be work. That's how you'll break through and make more money.

IS THERE A SPECIFIC START DATE? Yes! The challenge kicks off August 5th at 10am Eastern time. Martha and Chris will do a Facebook LIVE broadcast each day for 10 days (weekends, too) to share 10 steps that will break through what's got you stuck or growth stagnant. You can start at any time, though, because the daily videos will be posted for 10 days. Stay the course and finish strong! 

WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE THE TRAININGS? All training videos are recorded, and replays are available on Facebook. If you miss anything LIVE - you'll be able to watch any of the replays and catch up on your own time. All videos expire once the 10-day challenge is over. 

HOW DOES THE CHALLENGE SCHEDULE WORK? Each day we discuss one of the 10 steps that will reenergize your busiess on growth. You'll be able to engage, discuss and ask questions with Martha and Chris so you know how to do the daily exercise and apply it specifically to your business.  

WILL THE SHOW ME THE MONEY CHALLENGE WORK FOR ME? Yes of course! If you are a growth-minded business person, then it will work for you! No matter what your goal, the Challenge works because 5,324 small business owners just like you have already used these steps to grow their business! You will create an executable plan by the end of the Challenge, when you do the exercises. 

WHAT'S THE REFER-A-FRIEND BONUS? You get better results when you start something new with a supportive friend. That's a fact. When you refer 3 people or more who sign up for the Challenge and tag them inside the Facebook group, you eligible to win 2 months of free coaching and support in our exclusive Customer Navigator community.

ARE THERE REFUNDS? The Challenge is already free! It can’t get any better than that. 

WHY FREE? WHAT'S THE CATCH? We believe in creating experiences for entrepreneurs to transform their lives. So this is a simple way to pay it forward. You will have an opportunity to become a part of our community. In the meantime enjoy our challenge!

In this 10-day Challenge, you will get the knowledge, tools and accountability you need to reignite your business growth - for FREE!  

You will apply proven strategies and techniques necessary to transform your business... easier, simpler and more profitable.