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Your world just changed. You must, too.


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It's never been more CRITICAL to lead your business...not retract from worry. There are pivots you can make -
changes you can put in place right now - to keep
your business, your team, and you healthy.


4 Virtual Sessions You Can Start Now:
Pivot Your Business
Critical Insights to Keep Your Business Healthy

Hosted by Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams, Co-founders, Wide Awake Business

Critical, Timely Take Aways from
Pivot Your Business

Pivot, New Directions, For You and Your Business...Now

Uncramp your brain from "fight or flight" mentality, take away tools for a strong mindset and discover your Pivot for a stronger business.

Critical, Right-Now Human Resource Updates

Get insights about new legislation and guidance on how to communicate effectively to support your employees and team.

Sales Strategies for Changing Times

Uncover new ways to serve your customers...and ways to serve new customers...appropriate for our times.

Financial Insights for Timely Decisions

Your financials guide you in making timely decisions. Our financial experts will share where to look and what your numbers say.

4 Power-Packed Action Sessions You Want Right Now
While maintaining the proper social distance :>)
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Pivot Your Business Webinar

  • Author/Speaker in NY: 10 stars! Timely, Relevant and Practical.
  • Healthcare Provider in AZ:
    A perfect 10!
  • Corp. Change Agent in CO:
    8 great stars! - Supportive & timely
  • Care Manager in NJ:
    Webinar series was GREAT...a 10!
  • Audiologist in NJ:
    9, Seminar series was EXCELLENT!
  • Care Manager in NV:
    10, Life-changing. Love you gals!!

Your Presenters

Martha Hanlon
Leadership, Business Development, Branding

Martha sees and hears what most businesses struggle to uncover: how to pivot, change the direction of your business, when markets change...as they surely are right now!

Chris Williams
Business Development, Sales & Marketing

Chris is the most insightful, sales master you'll ever meet, with both her head and heart lasered in on what customers want and need, particularly now.

Weldon Wulstein
Sue Thompson

Financial Insights for Timely Decisions

Leverage tax strategies, manage your cashflow, eliminate debt and create financial freedom for yourself.

Nicole Anderson
Human Resources Expert

Build and expand your team through technology, compliance and the right hires to scale your company.

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Normally $297 
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