Who’s Responsible for This?

March 6, 2019

responsibilityA couple of months ago, I won a free, three-month membership to a gym.

I actually went!  I toddled in and met the manager, registered and got my membership pass.

Each week, I diligently went to this new gym, shirking my existing gym, spoke with some of my fellow flabbies and generally enjoyed the experience.  The gym was clean, well-appointed…and didn’t smell like gym socks.  Always a selling point in my book.

My three, free months ended two weeks ago.  I’m kind of sad. And not because my time with them has ended.  I’m sad because…

They haven’t called me.

Their records clearly show I came into their gym.  Their records indicate my free membership has expired.  Someone might even miss me!

But I’ve received no call from them to discuss really joining this time.  Like, for money.

Who’s responsibility is it to reach out?  Mine or theirs?

Clearly, it is their responsibility.  They are the experts.  They could talk to me about what I want to accomplish in a gym and really show me how I can get there with them.  They might want a new member or four.  Yet, they have done NOTHING to encourage me to join.

How many of your clients or folks who have gotten something for free from you…and you’ve called them to get them on board for m-o-n-e-y?

Or do you think they’ll just phone you up?

We were talking to one of our clients the other day, and he mentioned he had an opportunity to build his business by tracking down some of the folks who used him.  He knows they’ve moved to another business. Fresh opportunity.

Same client.  Different business.

He’s got a bunch of them, and they would be a great source of new business.  They already have an opinion of him and his service.  It’s a good opinion.

He said, “They’ll call me when they leave.”

Me, “Really?  Have they called you?”

Him, “No.”

Me, “Who’s responsibility is it to call?”


Ah…it’s yours.

Not theirs.

Might you see yourself in this little picture?  Are you of the belief your customers and former customers will just pick up the phone and call you?

Because they have so much time on their hands?

Because they just love you that much?

Because it’s their responsibility???

This ball is in your court.

Call them.  Reopen your relationship.  I promise you; your efforts will bear fruit.

This ball is in your court.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams