Always Keep Improving

Always Keep Improving

May 15, 2024


Here’s a shocker: It’s not just about meeting the goal.

The key to success is always advancing the goal.

Parents do this with their children. When they master crawling, you move on to walking. Steady on their feet? Let’s try running and jumping.

You see examples of it in elite athletes and in highly successful businesses. Once they meet a goal, they set their sights and aim higher. Bigger, better, longer, stronger, more times.

That’s what keeps us growing and changing. It’s what keeps us alive.

Once you’ve hit a major goal or milestone, be sure to build in time to celebrate and to rest. But don’t just stay still. That opens the door to a fixed mindset and may eventually keep you stuck at less than you could have been.

Here’s what to do instead: Envision the next goal and get ready to keep on moving. These tips will help you to create a culture where the mantra is “always keep improving,”

  • Eliminate perfection paralysis. If everything must be perfect before it’s attempted, people will choose to stay safely where they’ve already had success.
  • Promote creativity. See every new idea as a possibility and take thoughtful risks to do things differently.
  • Change goals but keep values. Your company values are the foundation and the common ground on which everything rests. Your values act as the reliable filter for new ideas and initiatives. If something is aligned with and serves a core value, it’s a possibility. If not, move on to the next new idea.
  • Communicate consistently. While this advice is always important, it’s especially critical when you have set a new goal. Keep information flowing up and down the chain and make sure that feedback acts to check progress. The only way to reach the new goal is if the whole team knows where you’re going.
  • Embrace shortfalls or mistakes as lessons, not losses. Even if you don’t meet a new goal or don’t make it on the first attempt, there’s something valuable you can learn in the process. Ask good questions to discover the golden nuggets that can lead to success next time.

Keep on moving. Keep on improving. There are great things ahead.



Chris Ann Williams, CEO