Freaking Out About Freedom

July 11, 2018

I think of July as “Freedom Month.”

So many countries freed themselves from their burdens in the month of July, why shouldn’t we do the same?

Free ourselves from our burdens.

Tim and Lisa freed themselves.  Their story might inspire you, because Tim and Lisa might be a lot like you.

They started their business to be free to set their own schedule and reap the benefits of their own efforts, rather than hand over profit to someone else.

Yet, the business they had on their hands wasn’t one they loved.  In fact, they hated it.  Deeply.

They found themselves working with the wrong type of customer, ones who complained about the service and pushed for lower prices.

They were slaving for long, long, long hours, because their team sometimes failed to show up, or did a poor job.

Oh, and they hadn’t paid themselves in, like, forever.

They had a business on their hands they didn’t love for good reasons.  They wanted out.

How do you get out of this predicament?

Tim and Lisa had other skills, skills they weren’t using in this business, skills that had nothing to do with this business (maybe just like you).

Tim began to concentrate on taking those skills and developing a new business while Lisa worked the “dog.”   Their plan was to stabilize the dog and sell it while building a new source of income from their other skills.  Skills they were good at.

To race to the punch line, they did it.

They sold the dog and create a new, profitable business.

And, for the first time in years, they actually paid themselves regularly.  Like, monthly!

Tim and Lisa found their freedom by recognizing there was a path out of their situation…and taking action.

Over the 16 years we’ve been in business working with small business owners, we’ve seen our share of people working to get a better handle on their business and money.

Business is something we all tend to freak out about at some point.  We freak when it isn’t delivering the elements we want to get to our end game…freedom.

If you find yourself in a business you don’t love, and will never love, there are other things you can do. Identify your skills, your talents.

Who needs those skills and will pay for them? (That’s a mandatory piece.)

Be bold and free yourself from a business that just isn’t right for you.

Because when you do, you’ll begin to discover the freedom you seek to be your own person, to set your own schedule, to make your own money will become to come true.

From the Founding Mothers of Wide Awake Business,

Martha Hanlon & Chris Williams


P.S.  More business freedom stories all of this month.

If you have one, share it with us and we’ll share with our friends here.