I See You

January 31, 2018

Video on Facebook gets more viewsWe’re watching so many small business owners go out of their minds for Facebook as a marketing tool…

…whether their Ideal Customers are there or not (a discussion for another time).

The hyperventilation over Facebook has led them to believe being on Facebook and organically growing their followers leads to more business.

Maybe in 2012.  Not in 2018.

Organic reach is practically dead.

If you’re still spending valuable time with this kind of marketing, you can close it down now.  This is how your “To Do” list gets so filled and your days so overwhelming.

If you’re the exception, great.  You’re the unicorn in the room.

Statistics back up what I’m sharing.  Way back in 2014, Ogilvy predicted “Facebook Zero,” meaning the end of organic growth.  And the truth is they are pretty close to spot-on.

FB Organic Reach Declines

And social media expert, Mari Smith, extended the trend through 2015.  Yikes!

Have I just given you a fat headache?  Tanked your primary marketing efforts?

All is not lost.

I’m not suggesting you leave Facebook. 

I’m recommending you adjust your Facebook strategy.

Focus on video.

People want to see you.

Video should move towards the top of your 2018 Facebook marketing plan (other social media sites, too).

Facebook is pushing us to consume video, video and more video.  Facebook’s brand-newish Watch service gives people the ability to watch tv-quality shows on every type of screen (yes, including TV).

Facebook “rewards” people who use their Live video feature with regularity.

What’s the reward?  Greater reach.  More comments.  More connection, even though Facebook Live’s effectiveness is showing signs of slowing its rapid growth, according to Mari Smith.

I know the idea of shooting videos can bring on a Siberian chill (ladies?).  Brain freeze.  Flight or flight.

Wide Awake Business to the rescue.  We’re devoting the month of February to getting you comfortable and capable of ripping off some great videos (relax, you don’t always have to show your beautiful “pan”).

If your Facebook marketing has been time consuming and ineffective (meaning people have neither opted-in to get into your marketing database nor bought something from you), it’s time to “2018” your Facebook marketing strategy.

Or take back this time and do something more productive with it.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams