You Better Believe It

February 13, 2019

don't stop believing

One of the unfortunate things solo-preneurs and small business owners say to me all too often is…

“I can’t see how I can get where I want to go this year.”

Did you see and get to your goal for 2018?

Can you see your goal for 2019?

If you answered, “no” to either of the questions above, that’s a problem, isn’t it?  Because…as they say…seeing is believing.

That’s not entirely true…seeing is not the “cure” to get you to your goals.

Reaching your 2019 goal requires something else from you.  You must believe in your goal because…

Believing is seeing.

Ask yourself how often you’ve discovered the path to your goal when you first start by believing in the goal.

When you believe your business goal, everything else becomes possible.  It’s Step One.

When you believe that your prospects and customers will lead better lives when they work with you, you’ll see the phone in your hand…and you’ll see how to sell more.

When you believe you have all the talent you require already in your possession, you see the path to find more customers.

When you believe money will flow in, you see it’s possible to hire Team to support your work.

When you believe, you see.

I think it’s a lack of believing that causes us to miss our goal.  The chronic disinterest (desire?) in putting a business plan on paper often stems from insecurity about your ability to reach your goal.

An unwillingness to sit down and do a revenue model/forecast comes from a lack of belief in your goal.  “I couldn’t possibility make $500,000 dollars this year.”  Or $1 million or $120k.  Whatever the number might be.

When you utter things like that, you’ve actually created a different belief, a belief that you can’t do it.

So, let’s take a small step towards changing that this year, okay?

Start with this:  turn to a friend or colleague who holds you to your commitments.  Say something like this to them:

“My goal this year for my business is [insert your one, measurable goal], and I BELIEVE I am on my way to making that goal.  I BELIEVE this will be a great year.

“If you see me messing around or procrastinating…if you hear me getting soft in the knees about my belief…please remind me I can do it and I’m on my way.

“Thanks for your support.”

You see, the very first fuel for your business is your BELIEF.

Believing powers your business like no other power at your command.

Go forth and do great things,

Martha Hanlon and Chris Williams