Gratitude Pays Dividends

Gratitude Pays Dividends

November 2, 2023


Happy National Gratitude Month! How will you be celebrating in your business?

With the Thanksgiving holiday taking up a major place on the calendar, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that November is recognized as National Gratitude Month.

Many businesses use Thanksgiving as the time they send their holiday greetings to their employees and customers, focusing on appreciating all of the positive things about the relationships they share.

That’s a good thing, but good leaders understand that gratitude is not something to be highlighted once a year. It’s the attitude that should prevail in your business all year round. When gratitude is part of your organizational culture, there are many benefits for individual employees, customers, teams, and the business as a whole.

Here are 4 ways that gratitude pays big dividends:

Gratitude is good for you – Studies have shown that living in a climate of gratitude improves overall wellbeing, reduces stress, and builds resilience.  Thriving people create healthy and thriving businesses.

Gratitude builds relationships – When people feel grateful, they’re willing to devote more effort to help others, to be invested in maintaining relationships, and to consider the good of others as well as their own personal needs.

Gratitude reduces conflicts – When gratitude is a focus in the workplace, people are generally more positive and committed to the common good. This encourages compromise and collaboration, rather than competition and conflict. When disagreements do arise, the ability to share common ground through gratitude can help lead to shared solutions, rather than ongoing conflict.

Gratitude can save money – Employees who feel appreciated are likely to have lower turnover than employees who feel unrecognized and unappreciated. Customers who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to remain loyal to your brand. Customer and employee acquisition are significant expenses for any business. When you can reduce these costs, you build the bottom line for your business. The good news is, expressing gratitude is not an expensive proposition.

Celebrate National Gratitude Month with us by making gratitude an element of the culture in your workplace. You’ll reap the benefits all year long.


Chris Ann Williams