Lessons from the Trees

Lessons from the Trees

October 18, 2023


Can you feel it? Fall is in the air. The nights are just slightly cooler and there’s a bit less humidity. Soon, we will begin to see the leaves turn from green to hues of orange, yellow, and brown.

And eventually, the trees will shed their leaves, letting go of what no longer serves them and making space for the new growth to come in the spring. The shedding is not a random or accidental process, but something planned and controlled in the natural wisdom of the plant’s DNA.

Trees have a valuable lesson for us in both our personal and our business lives. Autumn leaves have outlived their usefulness in the current season but can provide nourishment for new growth to come after the winter is over.

As human beings, we may not find it so easy to let go. It’s not necessarily part of our inherent nature. However, the shedding process is just as essential to our well-being as it is to the survival of the trees.

We need to let go to move forward, to keep growing. It makes good sense to follow the rhythm of nature and do some intentional shedding in the fall season as we begin our planning for the year to come.

Take a minute to think about what you might need to shed in your business or personal life to make room for new growth. It’s important to know what no longer serves you…what no longer merits your investment in time or money.

Here are some suggestions for things that you are better off shedding to make space for something new:

  • Work that can be easily delegated to others
  • Online social networks or social media connections that don’t bring in prospects or nurture existing relationships
  • Services or products that cost more to deliver than they contribute to your bottom line
  • Work that is no longer aligned with your vision and values
  • Team members who are not carrying their weight or who create conflict in the workplace
  • Negative thoughts or attitudes that weigh you down rather than lift you up.

Once you’ve identified what you need to let go of, let the trees be your example. Use this season to intentionally shed what no longer serves you.

You’ll be surprised what beautiful new growth will greet you in the new year.

Happy Fall!



Chris Ann Williams, CEO