Marathon, Not Sprint

Marathon, Not Sprint

January 10, 2024


The race is on! You’re headed toward your best year yet, right?

There’s nothing like the excitement at the start of a race…or a new year in your business. You’ve practiced, planned, prepared, and taken your mark.


There’s a wonderful burst of adrenaline called activation energy that represents that explosion right off the starting block. The energy of fresh starts, new goals, big changes.

So, what happens after that wonderful start?

It’s great if you’ve started your business year with a bang, but we are only 10 days in. There is a lot of year left. Your business is running a marathon, not a 100-yard dash.

Here are a few tips for keeping the momentum toward your goals going all year long:

  • Keep moving — work and do something to move you forward toward the goal every day. Every tiny step helps. It’s much easier to keep up a consistent, steady pace than to stop and start several times through the year.
  • Set and celebrate small milestones – champion runners also know where they are on the course. You can measure your progress by focusing on how much you’ve done or on how much you still must accomplish. The small milestones help to keep a positive attitude when the final goal still seems far away.
  • Replenish fuel along the way – Marathon runners replenish fluids along the way to replace what they have spent. It’s the same in business. Your fuel might be new ideas, new team members, or new resources. Make sure you have enough fuel to get your business to the big goal.
  • Pace yourself – Long distance runners don’t run the whole race at the same speed. You can’t sustain that initial burst of activation energy for the whole year. Look at your business cycle and see when you can slow down, when you can coast, and when another burst of speed is necessary.

You’ve started the year strong with a goal and a plan to reach it. Now it’s time to keep moving to sustain the momentum all year long.

You’ve got this.


Chris Ann Williams, CEO