Talk Like a Leader

Talk Like a Leader

January 31, 2024


Have you ever had one of those “aha moments” when something that’s been there right under your nose all along suddenly becomes really clear? When you say, “of course that’s true.”

We had one of those moments the other day when we were thinking about why some leaders are easy to follow and some never seem to engage their teams no matter how brilliant they are.

Here’s what we realized.

Great leaders have a special way of talking to people. There are some things successful leaders say consistently…things that make others feel valued and supported.

Do you want to speak the language of leadership? Make these five things a regular part of your communication with your team.

  • “Here is the vision” – Great leaders start with a clear vision and communicate it regularly. Keep the vision in the conversation on a regular basis so no one loses sight of the goal.
  • “We’re in this together” – Successful leaders know that it’s about the team, not about them. Using “we” language reinforces the understanding that everyone shares in both the responsibility and the reward.
  • “What do you need?” – Making sure that everyone on the team has the tools to do the job is an essential part of leadership success. When team members know that you are committed to supporting them, it goes a long way to keeping them engaged in the process.
  • What do you think?” – Good leaders value the opinions and input of their team and solicit it regularly. When team members feel valued and respected, they return that respect and trust to the leader…and everyone benefits.
  • “Thank you” – it may seem like common sense, but many leaders communicate more frequently to give directions or make corrections than they do to express appreciation. Studies consistently show that feeling valued and appreciated is an important component of job satisfaction. And satisfied employees are productive employees.

This may seem like simple common sense…and it is. Far too often in the busy-ness of business we can lose sight of the obvious. And when we do, we can pay a high price.

We’re sharing our “aha moment” with you because we are committed to your success. So, here’s a gentle reminder…to be a successful leader, talk like a leader.


Chris Williams